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Indel B Cruise 49 

This refrigerator is deeper than the standard Cruise 42 model but with the same frontal measurements. 

This 49-litre unit features a wire shelf dividing the fridge into two, 

a small freezer compartment, 

an adjustable thermostat, 

inner light and two inner door balconies. 

The fridge can hold bottles in the vertical and horizontal position.

A new simple "easy-fix" rapid installation mounting mechanism for vans has been added to the 2022 Cruise line.

 With new inox interior elements, the contemporary design is both useful and practical.

• Total capacity: 49 Litres

• Dimensions: 530 x 380 x 495mm (H x W x D)

• Weight: 16.6kg

• 60 Watt

• Consumption: 12-24V DC / 0.278 kWh/24h

• Voltage DC: 12-24V

Indel B Cruise 49 Compressor Camper Van Fridge Black Not CRX50 Custom VW Fiat

VAT Included

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