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Road Trippin Conversions

We are a family run business yes husband and wife how I survive is anybody's guess but it works. We have been in the leisure industry for over 20 years hiring campers out and touring ourselves from New Zealand to USA and closer to home Europe. We believe we know a good thing about campers and the best layouts. All our conversions are hand built so built to last and we rarely get them back for resale as our customers know they work. We have 3 designs as you can see there is a theme on our models which are all named after race tracks Mondello we have raced but not the other 2 Yet!!

Sportsland based on a SWB, L1 H1

Mondello LWB L3 H2 with a garage

Kemora again a LWB but can also works on an XLWB L4 H2 with a crafty design bed at the back.

In 2010 we moved premises employing a craftsmen who works alongside Neil with his vision on the best layouts. Me well I'm in the office but I do know a thing or 2 about the build as I often get to go and help in the workshop and I have a brain like a sponge so when someone gives me a call I generally can help if not I can ask which helps when I'm selling products that we use on our own online shop

Sportsland full
Sportsland racing
the crew
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