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Crash Tested Rib Bed Fitted

Lovely Rib Bed in VW T6 Brick Pattern

A couple wanted a crash tested seat fitting into their LWB VW T5. They carry their young granddaughter so wanted isofix and headrests. The frame has sliders to give extra space behind the seat for their dogs. Safety was the most important aspect and with Scopema Rib Beds we are able to give a certificate for insurance. The customers also wanted a comfortable sleep, with the old bed they had to sleep on the seating side with Rib it flips over and has a flat surface to sleep on

Rib also has the ability to give you other features so you can adjust the seat to be able to lay comfortably in bed and watch a movie on those cold nights

When the seat is used on the sliders when fully pushed back there is still loads of boot space

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