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Approx 40L when packed

This sale is for 1 x 40L bag of organic Spill Dry

A completely natural product which can absorb up to 7 times more than clay granules

Ideal for cleaning up oil and most chemical spills

·         Simply sprinkle on and brush in sweep away

·         Not harmful to vegetation or wildlife

·         Prevents slipping accidents

·         Hygienic and lightweight

·         Environmentally friendly a totally natural absorbent

Approx 40 Litres when Packed

This will be shipped by our courier Myhermes


Going to let you into a secret i use this in our stables makes mucking out so easy 

10 minutes 2 stables = more me time 

and no big muck piles

Absorbent Fibre Organic Oil Spill Dry 40 Ltr Ideal For Engineer Workshop Garage

VAT Included

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