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Universal roof awning in a contemporary design.

Roof-mounted awning suitable for motorhomes, caravans and vans (mid-class)    
Compatible with existing adapter brackets and accessories (need to be ordered separately)    
Installation using the roof top adapter (adhesive) or by means of transverse profiles    
Drilling through the roof is not necessary due to the mechanical fixation in the adapters    
Caravan rail remains free for other accessories: tent            
Perfect fabric tension: sturdy spring arms with patented integrated tension arms ensure a perfectly tensioned
awning fabric for increased wind resistance. Standard integrated for awning lengths from 3.75 m and more,
optional for awning lengths 3.00 m, 3.25 m and 3.50 m            
Thule Quick-Lock: user-friendly system to help you set up and adjust the support legs to the right heights
Thule look:                    
- matches the contemporary RV design                
- better integrated on the vehicle roof                
Optional 12V DC motor:                    
- operate awning lengths from 3.00 m and more without any effort            
- control is made with a switch through one touch command            
- integrated manual override with hand crank in case of power failure        
Patented roller tube support for better fabric tension and reduced wrinkling of the fabric    
Easy roller tube adjustment: perfect closing of the cassette on the side opposite to the gear
Improved masking and finish of the technical parts            
Integrated anti-rattling solutions                
Integrated fixation for an optional 3rd support leg to ensure a highter stability (from 3.75 m awning length)
Increased reliability: built-in durable systems for long life performance create a higher stability which allows
awning lengths up to 5.00 m to suit larger vehicles                
Thule Adjustable Pitch system: the incline of the awning fabric can be set as you please to easily open the door of
your vehicle without touching the awning fabric


VAT Included