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This is a closed cell foam with a silver foil back and is self adhesive. This is the insulation we use in all our bespoke builds it also helps reduce noise. We only sell tried and tested products that we are happy to put our name to. This is good quality and can easily be cut with a sharp blade. Please be aware this is 1 x 1 metre of insualtion. We also sell Easytrim carpet for the sides of the van, please view my other items. The insulation is always 1m wide if you purchase more than 1m it will be sent in a continuous length quantities up to a maximum 48m x 1m. Use the drop down box to choose your quantity saving you some money. 

We also offer a Lining service on your van view my other listing.

This insulation is a very popular item in our conversions and customer vehicles we strive to help and advise our customers so if you have any questions feel free to contact us for advise.

· Self adhesive with peal-off backing paper - so no glue required. 

· The glue is a high temperature adhesive so no fear of it coming off on a hot day.

· On a roll one metre wide by whatever length you need.

· Easily cut with a Stanley knife to fit all those small corners in your van.

· 9mm thick foam  reducing heat loss thanks to its low U value.

· Closed cell foam so no water absorption that might lead to damp or bad smells

· Inner face coated in aluminium foil - improving your radiative heat insulation.

· Provides an amazing amount of acoustic insulation 

Insulation Silver Foil Closed Cell Foam For Campervan Ideal VW T5 Conversions

VAT Included

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