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We are currently away from our shop till the 8th April so there will be a delay in your items been sent Happy Easter

These tambour doors are great for saving space the running of the doors are smooth due to the track that it glides in. 

The track comes as 2 pieces top and bottom 45 or 90 or Straight track please leave a message so we know which track to send. There is a magnetic strip allowing the door to shut and stay shut whilst travelling. 

The size of the door is 1750mm these can be cut down but you do need to be very accurate. 

Any longer and you loose the rigidity and can tend to bow if your not careful 

550mm is the width you can remove slats if you wish

This compliments our own design shower tray which is very popular for van conversions where space is a premium. 

We have used this tambour door for over 10 years in Kemora and Mondello model campervans and the customers have been very happy with the design, waterproof no shower curtain needed lightweight and space saving.

I have shown some pictures of the tambour door in our bespoke conversions just to give you some ideas.

If you need any advice while fitting these we are always on hand or can be viewed on youtube. 

If you require any further information please feel free to email or contact us.

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VAT Included