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Leisure battery mounting plate specifically designed to fit leisure batteries under single passenger seats & driver's seats in VW T5's & T6's, can fit leisure batteries up to 110A low profile 




-Mounting Plate & Bolt

-2 x Self drilling screws to screw the front down


How these are fitted:

1. Remove seat from seat base.
2.Undo rear bolts of passenger seat base.
3.Fasten the battery tray down over the rear two seat base bolts with the original bolts.
4.Screw the two screws provided into the small holes in the tray .
5.Place the battery on the tray and fix it into position by using the clamp.
6.Refit the seat back to the seat base.

Under Seat Leisure Battery Tray Volkswagen VW T5 T6 Campervan

VAT Included

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