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We use this on all our window installations

This is a tube of Butyrub designed for fixing in Seitz windows making this easier to use than the standard Butyl tape. 

It comes in either black or white when purchasing 

please add a message as to which colour you prefer If i don't get a message or i can't contact you i will send white

If you need more than 1 you can change the quantity in the box above.

We recommend 1 tube per window
This is the recommendation for fixing Seitz Motorhome / Caravan windows

Carriage is £2.50 no matter how many you buy

Very easy to apply.

Forms an elastic and tight skin.

Can be painted over after 24 hours.

Very good adhesion on many building surfaces.

UV and weather resistant.

Good resistance against chemicals

We also sell Wurth bond and seal which is ideal for roof lights and vents see my other listings

Soudall Butyrub

VAT Included